Friday, November 14, 2008

Hungry? Thirsty?

This is one of my favorite pictures of Emma. It was taken the first Thanksgiving she shared with us. How can you resist those cute eyes. Normally I don't miss having a full water dish at all times - but if I do - she brings it to me. Morning meal she is more patient but in the evening she usually has the dish at mealtime. About 5 pm and you could use her as an alarm clock. Sometimes she would like to eat sooner but I can get her to wait. If we are busy she will eat later but if we are just relaxing she sure hears her tummy rumble. What a girl.

Today we got out of the house. I went to get groceries thanks to my son Michael who also took his dad to the doctor. Later in the day Emma and I went with my friend Jan to get medicines for Greg, and for our once in awhile "let's celebrate it's Friday: outing. We could call it happy hour but it is with diet pepsi and iced tea. We went to Biaggi's in Maple Grove. It is my favorite place for Italian food. Today we shared a bread pudding. Okay it was the best I ever tasted. It is really big enough for at least 3...yummy.

Emma was so good there the man in the booth next to me came over. He looked below the table and said to his wife "I told you there was a dog here". He said I think she thought I lost my marbles. He was so pleased to see Emma. Later one of the hosts came by to say "was there a dog here the entire time". I love those compliments so much.

Greg is doing better. The physical therapists told him he can do a little more now. But I think he did too much sitting and he ended up with some tough back pain again. He has to take it more gradual I think.

Yeah it is Friday. Hope you have a good weekend...Finally got my halloween decorations out of the yard.

Take care, Emma and Mary

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