Thursday, November 13, 2008

Now that is not Emma or Mary. It is one of my wonderful granddaughters - Rosa on her second birthday playing in the leaves in our yard. What a cutie. She likes Emma and gives her hugs. She has to be careful though, if Emma gets excited her tail still might knock Rosa over. I am glad they are buddies.

The fall leaves have mostly fallen now. We had snow again two days ago but it did not stay on the ground long. It was long enough for Emma to have fun rolling in it. this winter I will try to get pictures of Emma in the snow...she just loves putting her face right in it. She is a hoot.

We will be home all day today. Greg is feeling better but good to have someone around till I see how he is doing. He is in less pain - hurray and is sleeping comfortably. What a blessing it is to see him with less pain. I hope this gradual recovery continues. He says he has slept so much in two weeks he figure he should be able to go days or weeks with out sleeping. Truth is he needs sleep to recover and it is also a result of his medications.

This picture is also to remind you to have some fun today. It is kind of wet n ow but Emma and I did go out in the yard so she could play. It was brisk bur refreshing. I guess tomorrow is suppose to be very very cold.

Have a good day. Here is Emma playing with Rosa when she was a baby.

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