Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday Music?

Two of the radio stations around here are playing christmas and holiday music nonstop. I am not annoyed like some because I like the music of Christmas. I have it on my own ipod too so I actually started a few days before they did...can you believe that?
The picture is of Emma with a Santa hat in her mouth to hand to me...the foot is mine ha ha. I thought she looked so cute I kept the picture despite my foot.

I can hardly think of Christmas because we have the wedding coming up Dec. 13th. What a fun day that will be. Becky and Justin are handling most of the details (and expense) themselves but there are little things I can do to help now and then. It is just what is on my mind.

Yesterday Emma and I had time with Rosa and Sophia, Mike and Tia. What fun. Rosa can say gandma...yeah with the g sound. She said first "my gandma" and smothered me with kisses and hugs. That was wonderful. She said gandma so much and it was music to my ears. Sophia is getting so big. My living room furniture and things are all still put away as there is some finishing work to be done on the floors. Resulting in toys being tucked away too...I dug out a few but will find more soon I hope. Sophia is getting so big we have to revisit what things she likes to play with here. She likes to read but you guessed it the bookcase and books are not there now either. I love when she reads to Rosa.

Sophia loves playing with Rosa. Emma watched as they played but does not try to chase them or get in the way. That is a good thing for a service dog. She seems to like when they come over.

THE DENTIST _ Emma and I went to the dentist today. My tooth broke off in the back and actually had cut into my tongue..ouch ouch. It has hurt for a few days and made it hard to eat. So guess who is getting a crown? Emma was very good on a blanket in the corner as they worked on me. At one point they paused to let something dry I think and she came over and nuzzled my hand. I could assure her by my touch that I was okay. Yes we can communicate without words as I just couldn't talk at that point. Then she went back to her blanket and was just fine.

We took a long nap and now I am going to have her help with laundry. Time to work Emma. Have a nice evening

Mary and Eamm

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