Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A time of Thanks begins...

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am thinking of things I am thankful for. Even Emma will have a friend over. Lily, my son's dog will join us. See this cute picture. It was from one of the holidays when the kids were playing games. Lily is so good when she is here with Emma now that they are use to each other. Isn't she cute. you should hear Rosa say "lily or my lily" it is so darn cute.

I love holiday music and heard that on you can get a free download of christmas music to your computer. Ihope it is not to busy and that it works for my computer. How fun.

We got out today despite my cold. We visited my counselor , who helps me cope with life. Then had lunch with my friend Jan who did not teach school to me - she also helps me cope with life. Both helped me so much.

I hoped to be some help tonight with food prep but it makes me cough to do much at all. The cough is worse at nice and whn i cough a lot the asthma seems worse - or maybe the asthma is caused by the cough. Anna is here helping and she and Greg want me to take it easy tonight so I will do that.

I am thinking of the blesssings of my family, my wonderful Emma, my friends etc. A good thing to think about today too.
I am coughing a lot so going to go rest and try the inhaler it is time again to do that. My best wishes for a Happy Holiday. We will try to have time to write tomorrow also.

We are grateful for our readers...Mary and Emma

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