Monday, October 24, 2011

A Time to Say THANK YOU Again

This photo I of Eilleen of Helping Paws. This thank you goes out to her, to Judy Emma's foster Mom, tp the Helping Paws Staff, and especially the foster families who train dogs...

Written Oct 24,2004 Blog - MY THANK YOU to The Volunteers Who Train Service Dogs...

This begins a new chapter in my life. Emma's companionship and help at home is more than I can ever express on this blog. When you are handicaped or disabled you have to depend on others to help you. Now here is this eager dog who wants to help, who thinks it is a game, and who wants to play. Emma has already brightened up my life. My days have been busy right now. when I return to normal life I know it will be more evident how my life has changed.

Today at training we practiced the cue go get help. With some treats as reinforcement Emma did well. At home I practiced the same cue. Emma worked fast. She went to get my husband and was persistent till he followed her. No treat needed. She nudged at him and made it clear I need attention. Then she made sure he followed her.

This is just one example of a command that can help me. I have trouble with falling and need help. The reassurance of knowing she will do this also makes me feel more secure. She will physically do tasks for me. That will help me be more independent. It will help me feel more comfortable going places. Her presence will also be a mental lift and support to me.

Please be assured that every moment you put into training the dogs, every dollar spent on vet bills and food - your patience, persistence, committment, - everything you invested into this dog - has been worth it. Your investment has given me and others a rare gift. Each dog brings us love, assistance, so much more. When you train those puppies, when you work each week in class, and when you have to see them leave to join the home of there future owner - please understand that your gift from the heart is life changing in a way that you can't imagine.

I got a wonderful card from a cousin. I need to share it with all of you. On the outside was a picture of a beautiful yellow lab. The word congratulations. Inside the caption was
"your success was no accident". The success I am having with Emma is no accident. Those of you who worked with her - especially her foster family - should be very very proud of your accomplishment...."

My Thoughts In 2011

I cried when I read this. I thought then she would be a gift. I know now she is my angel, today she is helping me through the most difficult MS Flare Up I have ever had. My husband and I think that I literally would not be able to cope at home during the day without her assistance. I am asking more of her each day. She shines in the challenge.

We chuckled tonight and wish we had videod it. Judy her foster mom, called in her "puppy dance" I think. When she really really likes somethings she gets so excited and goes around in circles. We think it does look like a dance. Well today she spent a really long time helping me. Things I needed to do as cleaning help is coming tomorrow, I needed help for self care, well things she can do but gosh she was like the energizer puppy. I didn't have to move. She just kept helping and helping. The more I asked the happier she was...just delighted.

Greg and I wonder if it seemed especially even more delightful to her because I was out of bed for awhile up and alert. Very enthusiastic of course too. We cheered her on verbally and she was so delighted. We literally ran out of things for her to do.

We are thankfully they taught me how to kind of add things together to get her to do something that may seem new. Like combinding things she knows how to do, with push, pull, that's it...well she is doing just awesome. I am move impressed than ever at her skills and devotion to me.

Some day if we have it handy Greg is going to try to video it on his iphone. I think short video clips can be added just never have done that.

I didn't think I would be able to write but it is comforting to express my thoughts. It is distracting from other things and so helpful to me. Hey can you tell I always wanted to be Laura Engels Wilder?

What a Great Gift/Partner Emma is to me each day...Thanks to all of you especially Judy....


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