Sunday, October 9, 2011

home from hospital

Hi, We did spend time at the hospital this weekend. Glad to be home but glad I went.

They did a thorough look at me. Think among other things I have a bad virus that is adding to MS problems, asthma flare up and wondering if sinus problems are bacterial or virus. Long story I wont detail. Was good we went in because I got some through checks up and helpful physical therarapy, iv for more fluids and meds, occupational therapy, respitory help etc. So overall helped,. Still see family doctor Monday about some things and upcoming tests I may have as out patient etc.

Still suppose to rest and drink more fluids. I drink so much I think but they thought I was dehydrated...Emma was super and got to stay overnight and that was good for both of us. Not sure if I will blog daily now but will blog. hang in there with me. Will handle this one day at a time.

Just exhausted but they did not do mono test as treatment would be the same as what we are doing now doc said.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day...Mary and Emma

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