Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Comic

Found this through facebook and it made me laugh.

I really wanted to add photo of Emma as a puppy from my original blog but just can't get it to work. Looked for puppy cartoon but didn't find that either.

Emma got her PHOTO taken yesterday with me, and with Greg and I for the Church Directory where Greg works. I will be able to share when it all arrives. Interesting, in photos with Emma I have such a time when i am in them. This happened at Becky's wedding too...she wants to look at ME. The presence of a stranger the photographer makes that even more the case. Even with treats that happened. We did get a pretty good shot though. I blink easily and sure feel I look awful in photos but anyway I will treasure this.

Beautiful fall days this weekend so Emma is getting out a lot. I still have to rest a lot but sitting outdoors with her playing is resting!! She is so enjoying uncovering leaves that have fallen. What she smells is even more exciting as she loves to both walk in leaves and also to look whats under. I recall that from other years. A pretty time of year for MN. Treasure these last days before the snows of November...which by the way Emma will love.

I guess she is a dog for all seasons.

Hope your day goes well. 3:00 but I have to lay down again. Tired today but in good spirits so that is good.

Mary and Emma

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