Friday, October 7, 2011


These are my neice Jill's dogs. She is the most energetic person I have ever met. One day though she said she had to slow down and so did her dogs. So cute all of them relaxing. Cute dogs.

Emma is not sleepy today. She wants to be outside and we have been often. She nudging me awake (still so sleepy) and I sit while she plays. It is warm and leaves are blowing in the wind. She loves that. She is sniffing in the yard maybe a squirrel, or something better got in the fence? She following the scent like trails through her yard. some leaves in a small pile and she had so much fun pushing her face in it --- maybe practicing for snow? I guess she likes every season.

Weird I slept ten hours and after an hour needed a nap. I had mono once but wonder if I have it? Well see the doctor again Monday am and see where I am at. Maybe just sinus, allergies,,,,who all knows. MS makes recovery slow usually. Sorry to keep mentioning it, just so weird to be this exhausted all the time.

Greg may come home early today which means maybe by 4? Earlier. A big treat and he has put in plenty of hours this week. He only goes to work part day tomorrow Sat and I think Sunday just 4 hours too. Oops don't want to jinx it.

My friend Jan wants to see me this afternoon after school. Greg kids I can feel tired and not be home every minute. So she might pick me up and go to happy hour. Ha ha happy to see her that is. We only have pop, water, and maybe splurge to share some salad or an appetizer...but when she has time it is a great time for both of us. I use to teach with her. Those who know her I will have some news about her work soon I think. She is great at her work. I really liked teaching with her.

I barely knew her as she came in a bit after school started as the 5th grade teacher had to leave for medical reasons. I had MS problems that year with vision and she started helping drive me. We are on the same side of town but she is miles away and I not on her way. At first my dear kids drove me from Maple Grove to Excelsior. My son worked a weird schedule and recalls driving me in am and then parking to sleep a bit before driving back home. It was at least a 30 min drive one way. Well Jan would take me home and pretty soon Greg dropped me off close to her and she did the trek in with me.

Sometimes we hit lots of traffic, always we loved it , laughed and talked about our day. Sometimes stopping for a pop or cone to have in the car. Now over ten years later on Fridays I am honored she likes to end the school week with me. Again drives to my home to pick me up. She is the dearest friend in the entire world...though I have other friends I love too of course. But she and I click personality wise..

So here is too great they puppies, dogs, cats, service dogs, girlfriends, husbands, etc. Hope your day goes well. Honest to pete I need to lay down again. will try to read but I think need to sleep more? ha ha this is so weird.


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