Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our pet stories.

YES this is a cat. In our cleaning some shelves hurray last week found a disk with pictures my daughter took in Italy. May share some more famous landmarks another time but loved this photo. she is a cat lover. Always was. We once had one cat then two.

Cat 1 - Anna and siblings wanted a cat. My husband says "Well you should research first what it takes to have a cat." He not a cat lover ever. Well she did. In fact she did a great research and won in 4H competition at the county and state fair level too. And yes Superior (grey the color of lake superior rocks) entered our lives. Sadly died young of a stroke. She had gotten outside we never knew for sure but vet thought maybe she had gotten into something that poisoned her. She was obtained from Humane society and turned in too young away from mom. Very fiesty but we loved her. I cried just buckets when I brought her in sick and left her there. She died overnight and we weren't ready for that...maybe our denial. I cried and cried and cried. Didn't want another pet ever.

Cats 2 and 3 - Anna was in her teens now. I received a few calls that puzzled me asking for Anna. Then we were in bed one morning and enter my youngest Danny with a clipboard. Very serious (and young) ""would you prefer a siameze cat, calico, black and similar questions..' Well the kids had been I think answering ads trying to find not one but a pair of cats. A pair so they could play together. This time from a private party. We agreed to visit after I also spoke to owner on phone. Well she was marrying someone alergic to cats. Her poor littly guy about 2 or 3 waved bye bye kitties...and yes they went home with us. Took years before I knew Madera and Philips were named after liquor ha ha. Great cats, calmer thant the first, not same litter but raised together...lived to be over 9 years will us. Age 11? Not sure. They were with us when Emma entered our life.

EMMA came home and they backed her against the wall. NOt sure why but they claimed mostly the basement of our split level and Emma stayed with me so mostly upstairs. Peaceful coexistence but they never really became pals. And we did not replace them.

Boomer - Dog 1 in adult life. I was working as a teacher and honest my kids will have to refresh me on time line regarding Boomer and the CAts 2 and 3. Boomer was an oops. Two dogs got loose and breeder hence pure bred terrior plus pure bred american eskimo crossed. She was delightfully colored like a fox, with white paws looking mostly like a alaskian eskimo. There best friend and neighbor had another puppy in that bunch.

Welll boomers original ownere died of cancer. Her friend took the dog but then couldn't. So the kids asked us. Again I said okay I would go see the dog. Well she kind of pranced. had been hit by car so on one leg a bit off but otherwise healthy. The cutest thing and yep I was the first to say, okay put the dog in the car. Sadly he lived only about 7 years well maybe not that long. I think we had her 5? less? He was there but became MY dog. Hate to admit but not really trained when we got her and I didn't take him to classes. Would if I could change that. Didn't realize how much positive rewards could be used in trainning there. Well over time he got too protective of me as I got ill with MS. HE was home with me and learned some things that helped me and gave me a taste of what a helper dog might be like. I put my name in at helping paws but determined I didn't think I could overlap dogs.

Boomer got too protective but at first we didn't know he was sick too. He wouldn't let my own kids in my bedroom if I was sleeping or didn't say okay. And forget letting anyone else enter the house to feed him or take us out if we weren't home.
Sadly Boomer had physical issues that caused pain only cortisone helped or an expensive chemo drug could have been tried. Long name I could never remember but rare for this breed. Great vet but then he got cushings and nothing helped so had to put him down. The vet was so awesome he would call me weekly till together we knew it was time to let Boomer fo...Almost took my name of helping paw list. I never wanted to cry this hard ever again. NO more pets. Plus we had the cats.

The CATS lived a long time. Hid and died naturally within a few months of each other. Sad but they lived long lives. We don't know if old age but since just maybe a few months apart also wonder if the cat food scare from china a factor though not a listed brand? One had played all day and that night found her dead right at her food dish. Again for both cried and cried and cried...but they lived a long life. But they loved playing in the laundry basket. So fun to see two littl black heads popping up from my whites... when we had Emma we had both light and dark hair to deal with.

ENTER EMMA - I can tell you she better live a very very very long life. I will need an army to hold me up. But anyway mentioning them all as the gifts of pets.

A SERVICE DOG is so much more than a pet in my life. To be sure we say not a pet due to her duties. She is with me all the time. Though at this older age (she is 8.5) she handles being alone awhile ok. I tell her to nap and she hops on my bed but that is when I am OK. Now when I am sick she is at my side. Sometimes won't go out to go potty with Greg unless I go too. Or won't get out of his side of the car, wants me letting her out. I mean really at my side.

Last night coughing and couldn't sleep at first. Well then she cuddles up more, gets up anytime that I do, lays her head on my leg or whatever to show her presence. Worked we slept 14 hours. Yeah she woke me at 7 (usually wakes Greg) and I barely woke up to feed her. Needed something for blood sugar so drank orange juice had toast and back to bed we wnet till 2 pm. Greg's worked lots of nights so never heard him wake up and go. Never heard a peep though he did let her out. Or she wouldn't have slept so long.

EMMA IS THE GREATEST DOG EVER - Boomer would have loved playing with her and would have been a better dog to all if I would have taken him to obedience training. Gosh I loved him. Had pet dog Katie as a child too and missed him more than I realized when I left home. Who knew? Never realized how close I was to her. She also had tags that jingled in the night. ON PURPOSE I have Emma's tags such they jingle. Sometimes family have said why not change it, because I love it that way

So here's to pets and dogs all over the world...peeking from windows, or whatever....we love them all...

Must feel better though slept a lot today as i wrote so much tonight...thanks for reading. I know at least a few of you say u like my long stories.....

Funny bought new winter jacket badly needed and it came today. Ordered it in cool weeks awhile ago on sale mail order. Arrived and found it so hot to try on - it was maybe 85 today? or more? Never put a/c on in October that I recall...

Mary and Emma wish you a good day

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