Thursday, October 6, 2011

From this date 2007

My cold is still causing a lot of coughing. I feel like I have had gallons of cough syrup (not really) but I did feel better today. It always takes me awhile to get over colds. It was another very warm day out so we put the air conditioning on. Believe me in MN you do not usually need air conditioning. You would expect temps in the 60"s not 80's. We have neighbors already planning their trip to Arizona where they stay for the winter. They have a house there. I can't imagine keeping up two homes - one is enough for me. Usually it is cool here before they leave.

Leaves are falling and oh does Emma love rolling in them, and smelling them. She loves being outdoors. My children Dan and Becky were over and helped with a few things. They were outside with Greg and I and Emma was in her glory. She thought it was great fun to have everyone around. My fun loving puppy. Then my neighbor came over to chat and she was even more excited. Fun fun.

After an early afternoon dinner Greg headed to work, the kids headed home and it was just Emma and I. I wonder what she thinks when there is so much going on and then it is just the two of us. We of course snuck in a nap but also got outside. I kept the nap short.

I am a mentor for the MS Society so called for that tonight. There is such a nice woman that I visit with. Since I don't drive it is helpful that we can visit by phone weekly. I also had a few other calls to make. I am trying to calm my cough down so will sit quiet for awhile read or watch tv.

NOW - warm temps this year too and I still mentor the same woman with MS. Emma still keeps me company. My children have busy lives and Greg works a lot...Emma and I are a great team.

Emma is so much fun to be with. She sure is a good companion. Maybe I will get a picture of her in the leaves.

Enjoy fall where ever you live.
Mary and Emma

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