Monday, October 24, 2011

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I am HOME but this was when I was in hospital. Emma is great support. Very tiring day. Up just for a bit. I sleep off and on so sometimes awake for a little bit at night. I am going to relax and just listen to music and drift back to sleep.

See last blog entry how there is info now on on website maryweinand
Note if you want they have a place you can check to be notified if the journal there is updated.

Emma and I will see what we can do about writing here where you are use to me being kind of verbose. There most times hope to be more consise for those who want that. Did some longer notes there as some who I know will want to follow it will probably want to catch up on what is going on, and why they haven't seen me at activities, family events, church, and things much since Aug and now not at all.

But dog stories still cheer me. So when I can will keep writing those here. Thought you might like the photos since I yeah had energy to do that tonight. By the way, I think this is cute. Emma is by my side always. Right now I am at computer and she looked so tired that I said "YOU can go to bed" and she did. Rest assured though when I move the chair to adjust position or to move back to bed she is here quick as a wink. Not snoring or sleeping hard like when i am with her.

Cute thing today. She had to go outside to go to the bathroom. I was weak and now we find I can tell if she "really" needs to go by her response to me asking her if she really has to go. Like I know the look of true urgency. Well took her to the patio door, and opened it wanting to just watch her. there is a chair I can sit. Well know what that silly girl did. She backed up pressing against the glass watching my every move. She would NOT take her eyes off me or venture out. So I brought her back in. Greg was home in about 5 min or less. She then would go out but so quick now and runs like a race horse to my side.

The worse I feel, the closer to me she is and doesn't always want to even go out to play or walk with Greg. Only for the necessity of going to the bathroom abain when I am doing rough. If I am sleeping peacefully Greg can get her out at least a bit in the yard to play.

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