Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One quiet day at a time
Loved this picture of Judy, it is part of picture of her looking at Emma.
She is Emma's foster mom who raised her, trained her from puppy to Oct 2005.

The other is picture of Emma helping - now more than ever.
Her company, her moral support, and her physical support (help) needed.
She is so patient
Unless I am sleeping at meal time - 5 pm.
She nudges me, then licks me, and if I say "you have to wait" she may lay down but not more than 30 min.
then she is at it. Today she also brought me socks, as if to add merit to her wish.

Nice I have her to get me up a bit, take her out, and all.
Thanks a million thanks to those especially Judy, who trained her and brought her into my life.

A Dr appointment this week and next. Just taking it a day at a time.
Thanks Emma that I am not alone.
Yeah Thurs if all goes as planned my granddaughters coming over as they are off school.
Rosa says she will take care of me and is bringing a video for us to watch.
Greg will be here to handle it all -= and Sophia. Sophie is so fun to be with too.
Rosa turns 5 this month and Sophie 12 in Dec...time flies..
So looking forward to time with Sophia too. She is so sweet and interesting.


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