Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Time of Strong Feelings.

Reflecting on the joy my youngest granddaughter Rosa has added to my life. She is going to be 5 tommorow. I could not wait to post this baby photos again. I feel GRATEFIUL.

Awake for a bit since I am nervous about today. I pray the doctors find some answers to help me on the journey to better health. I know they think there may be a number of issues so one day will not likely provide all the answers. Yet this step is good, and then we will know what the next step should be. So I feel NERVOUS.

Got the most recent MS Publication and identified several free events i want to attend. I did sign up using the computer for several. So I guess I am OPTIMISTIC that health will alllow me to go.

Received the news that I now a great great Aunt now. A beautiful baby girl. So I feel HAPPY,

Greg and I had a wonderful talk about dealing with life with all that is going on. We have arranged for some helps with snow removal, laundry, and brainstormed other ideas to help us cope with our health and life needs. It reminded me I am not alone in this journey. I was able to share my concerns about Greg trying to do too much with such a demanding job. Like when I hired this same person to mow (a small business) it was a bit tough to get him to let go of a task he felt he should do to save money.
I know having one less thing will be so good for him even if I return to my baseline. I feelRELIEVED.

I slept a lot today but happy surprises wonderful supportive emails, notes on CaringBridge site, and card in the mail. Both my daughters called and had time for long chats that made me laugh. I feel Loved

Didn't realize the cleaning women who is now a friend also really knew all Emma could do for me. Either I am not home the day she comes due to MS Swim. Or if I am home I am sleeping a lot even before this illness. She marveled as Emma showed her things. She also did abouve and beyond her job here today. Was so nice to have someone around and the help of both Emma and Karyn. I feel FORTUNATE,

I feel sleepy so back to bed.

Thanks for all your support.

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