Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy Day for Emma

Well I got in two naps and some rest time....but Emma had busier day than I did. She got to be outside and inside things were hopping this afternoon and evening with Rosa and Sophia here. Rosa's favorite was packing a box for Uncle Danny (my son in SF) for his birthday. It didn't get mailed but was tons of fun for her to play in. Grandpa Greg also in the morning took them on errands including buying a few groceries, and a few presents for Dan.

I was bummed but didn't have much energy. Wondered if have them here to distract would help my energy. Well NO on that buy yes great for my spirits. Sophia likes to write and read me some of her stories ehen I had to rest in bed. She also layed by me while I napped and read. Nice company.

Rosa put herself in charge of bringing me water, and figured we could play barbies even in bed if needed. We also watched a video, I watched her play in the living room. she also got new bath toys for when she sleeps over. Well they didn't sleep over but of course she took a bath to try them out. I promised once I am better we would go swimming again at Maple Grove pool it is especially fun in the winter we think. She and Sophia love it.

We had lots of conversation. Greg cooked two meals, and did some cleaning. Wow he was busy and we realized with both of us working we dont get so tired. the time flew by though. I layed down when they left an hour ago but am back up but not for long. Emma is back to her favorite spot on the love seat. I think the action was good for her but she is relaxing and will be snoring soon I am sure.

A doctor appointment regarding my lung function in the morning. Not sure if it will change anything for right now but glad to check in with this doctor. She is super good. Off to bed. Hope your day went well....warmer temps up to 60 in next few days.
this time of year even with shades drawn Sun makes house so hot. We forgot to open windows but did later. In the winter love how sun heats the house. In summer we use air conditioning as needed but today yikes it got so warm for me.

Shouldn't complain I have so many blessings. Mary and Emma

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