Sunday, October 10, 2010

We have had warm sunny fall days. Emma and I have already been outside twice today. We are home today. I think all day. I needed to sleep late so missed going to church. The Church Dog and I stayed home.

I am trying to get some things done like sorting items (Greg cleaned out our office yesterday) and folding some laundry. My intentions are good but my fatigue only allows me to do a bit and then rest. I am trying to be accepting of that fact.

We went to a MS support group yesterday and it was very pleasant. I have not been there regularily for awhile so good to meet with some old and make new friends. Nice to be with people who understand the ups and downs of MS. Then it was over 83 and I napped so long. We turned on the AC for last night and I think I will keep it on today as I just can't function when it is over 80. Funny to run ac in October in MN.

Emma loves the leaves of fall. You should see her try to dive in and cover herself with leaves. She seems a bit more tired when the house is too hot also. We get a lot of sun which warms it up. If Greg were not working, I would want to go for a drive to look at fall leaves. Emma and I will be fine here.

I know several people battling cancer or other serious illnesses. My heart is heavy as someone we love from church is now in hospice. She is so wonderful and this was hard news to hear. My thoughts and prayers are with all those dealing with serious illness themselves, or in their family.

Today I am going to say appreciate your health. Even for me, I need to appreciate my "abilities" and not focus on what is tough to do. Also thanks for family and friends who support us when illness strikes.

Wishing you a good weekend.

Mary and Emma

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