Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Wednesday

today I am writing mid-day.

Emma and I have already been on metromobility bus for those with handicaps - once today. Coming home from a counseling appt. Greg dropped us off there. We have a break here at home and then the metro mobility bus will pick us up for physical therapy and take us home after we are done. We both prefer car rides - but this service is wonderful for us.

It is a sunny beautiful fall day. Emma is loving being outside with me and going in the leaves. Such pretty leaves it is beautiful to see them when out in the car or bus. Not all of mine have fallen so there are still pretty trees in my yard and my neighborhood.

We are able to have the windows open during the day it is so nice out. We like that too. My house can get so warm from the sun ==too bad it isn't a solar home.

Last night we had dinner with my daughter Anna, the oldest. It was great fun to see her. Her first thing was to take Emma out - she is so good to Emma. I have the greatest children in the world I think. On the way home from burnsville we saw fireworks being shot off looked like in Minnetonka. I would love to know where and what the occasion was to have them on a Tuesday night in October. Sure was pretty.

I still am having lots of problems with my body weakness and MS. That is why physical therapy today and through the month of Oct a couple of days each week, home exercises, and a revision of what they want me to do in the pool. Emma is so helpful and I need her both physically and emotionally during this time. I hope this will gradually get better but some days are tough.
Greg, my children, grandchildren and friends help me cope. Thank God for a good therapist also ha ha.

Well Emma time to rest before the bus picks us up again. Mary and Emma wish you a good day

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