Monday, October 4, 2010

MONDAY - Here's hoping you have a very good week.

Today Greg was home in the morning because he works late tonight. We enjoyed his company. We have been home all day. It was a beautiful spring day - Emma and I loved the sunshine. IT is suppose to be in the 70's all week. Sunny. So sunny I am forgetting to ask Greg to water flowers for me. Can't manage it on my own right now.

When my granddaughter Rosa was here, she was playing with a toy micraphone and interviewing us all. Her question - what is your favorite season? Why?

I said fall (probably because it is so beautiful now) and that I loved the colored leaves. Grandpa said fall too. Rosa thought all of them were good.

Fall - you jump in leaves!
Winter - you jump in snow
Spring - you see flowers
Summer - you jump in the pool

Her remarks reminded me that I do like MN seasons. I have only lived here so of course am biased. But I can't imagine the world without the seasons. Winter at Christmas...frosty faces, warm hot chocolate, and so on. And yes snow snow snow. I don't have to shovel anymore but enjoy it's beauty. Love seeing Rosa and Sophia playing in the snow...and yes Emma is so enthusiastic about snow.

She/Emma loves the leaves. Some have droppped and others are waiting but soon enough will fall so she can dive into them.
I like how crunchy they are as you walk and how they smell. Fall crisp cool mornings and warmer afternoons...

Thank you to Rosa for getting me to think about the seasons. I will write about the others another day. Today every time I ventured out with Emma I thought of how fortunate we are to have such a lovely season. Sat despite my walking limitations I even went outside with Rosa and Emma too. She wanted to swing and so she did. It was cool but enjoyable.

THANK YOU GOD FOR FALL. THANKS FOR ROSA MY GRANDDAUGHTER AND FOR EMMA WHO GET ME OUTSIDE. Good medicine to think of the beauty of nature. Makes me think of happy things.

Have a happy day.

Emma and Mary

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