Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great News!!!

I am on the new drug Ampyra to help with MS. It helps the messages from the brain get to the limbs. Helping with walking mostly.

Guess what????????
I can tell a difference. I am showing off to family how I can lift my legs higher. If this continues I can climb steps much easier and walking will be easier. It is suppose to help you generally feel better too....time will tell what the results are but I am thrilled and that is an understatement.

Anna and Brian stopped in and i showed off to them. Anna couldn't believe it - it has been more than a decade that I could move my legs like that. Now it is isn't a miracle drug I am told but any help in managing MS is wonderful in our eyes.

A friend of mine has had great results on this drug. She can use a cane more often and walker less. She also says she feels better. She has been on it about two months. It doesn't help all patients with MS they say about 1/3. Gosh I am excited if this keeps up.

The CANE - Emma is working on getting the cane for me (i have a different one). At home yesterday, she somehow got it but had it hooked under one of her legs. On three legs she still got it to me. What a girl.

Well When I can I am almost marching around the house I am so thrilled. Will keep you informed as to how this goes for me in the long term. Neck/arm still sore and weak but we will focus on the good news...

Have a great day....Mary

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