Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From my first month training with Emma -2005

Our First Public outing

We had a good experience working together today. I am getting so use to having Emma at my side I almost forgot it would be unusual for them to see a dog in Target or a grocery store. A small group even gathered to watch as Emma had to pull open a door for me at a Barnes and Noble store. She did wonderfully. I have not had a lot of experience using my own scooter in some of those stores with those doors so we had the added adjustment of me practicing getting through each door without being too slow or fast to do it comfortably. I heard parents comment to children that is a helper dog so don't touch. I let Emma help decide what toy to buy and got her a nylac bone. I was so impressed with how she handled being in public. It is amazing they know not to sniff or bother food at a grocery store or where we gathered for a snack. If it does gain her attention - all I have to say is "leave it" and she keeps on going. At the training center they even put treats on the floor where we walked so we practiced this with her. The employees and public seemed so respectful. Many shared their good wishes. We finished earlier so I even got a nap in and that was well needed. Tomorrow more training at helping paws and then she comes home for a quiet evening.
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Monday October 17, 2005

Monday the second week.

Emma was eager to see me today. She showed me how she can open a door, turn off and on lights and we reviewed other skills. One very cute story to share....They were showing us appropriate toys for the dog that were safe and suitable. I had heard a Kork was one of Emma's favorites. When they passed it around (we were siitting at a table) I dropped it right in front of Emma who was laying on the floor. My first thought was her favorite toy and I am suppose to get it from her. The instructors encouraged me to have her bring it to me as she has to know to bring me things not just those she chooses. Well she moved quick. When she heard me ask her to get it - she put it quickly under her rug and then layed her whole body over it. It was like she was saying "Get what I don't have anything". Her expression on her face and her moves made me laugh so hard I had to look away and calm down To her credit when I again said get it - my dear Emma got it and stood up and brought it to me. That's my working dog. She did earn a treat for giving up a toy. I was glad the instructors pointed out that i should followr up with my command to give it to me so she knows that is what she has to do.
Be assured when we are home and she is not working she will be able to play with that and other commands. I am exhausted. Tommorow is our first field trip to a shopping center.

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