Friday, October 8, 2010

Counting My Blessings

No jackets needed today - it is 86 degrees. Emma and I got up early with Greg. Power outage at 5am. We use sleep apnea machines so couldn't sleep. We eventually left to get breakfast and were at Target before 8. I didn't know they were open so darn early. Emma got exercise and we killed time while we waited for my physical therapy appt after 9. Got home by 11:30 and needed a nap.

We have been outside it is just so nice. The weather breaks records. Pretty fall trees in the warm sunshine. Truth is it is a bit too warm for MS people but we did fine. I used fans in the house. I enjoyed outside in the shade with a friend. Greg is going to a football game tonight - how warm those athletes will be. Still having such trouble with my neck, back, and arms that I am staying home to relax. Need to have my neck supported in a way that I can't on bleachers.

I want to work more on counting my blessings. At the MPLS Clinic of Neurology in Golden Valley I nearly always see people I know with MS. Today I had the chance to chat briefly with two wonderful women I know. I also had the physical therapist that I prefer and she is very wise about MS.

I also had a metro mobility ride that was on time, (hurray) and a ride that didn't take real long. The driver said Emma was one of the best service dogs he has ever had on his bus. Now isn't that a compliment?!!!! Emma is so good for me. I am thankful for my family and for a good friend who had time to chat and relax with me for awhile. So even with the challenges I have a good good life.

I have good doctors I trust and a medical team. IF I get discouraged (and I do) I want to remind myself of these blessings in my life.

I need to go put an ice pack on my nect and be by the fan to cool off. Thanks so much for reading this note. Hope you can think of blessings to count today especially.

Not sure what is in store for us, b ut you have a great weekend.

Mary and Emma

Having trouble downloading pictures. Hope to have more soon.

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