Thursday, October 21, 2010

We educate One person at a time.

Emma is a snoozing and I will soon join her.
I had physical therapy this morning and then a friend picked us up. We had a YUMMY lunch and a place called "YUM". Very tasty food and great company. We had a loong lunch and great conversation and laughs. She is a great friend and often will pick me up from Dr. appts. I also got some meds and a flu shot. That's it for the day. Now a long rest. Greg will be home for a bit later dinner.

Still trouble with my neck and arm. Physical therapy seems to be helpful and gentle. Massage, heat, and teaching me very gentle exercises. A MRI next week on the head and neck.

Sunny and cooler but great out. I even walked just a little with Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean i walked also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a nice fall.

This years graduates just took there dogs home for the first time from Helping Paws.
I remember that day - I was so nervous about if I would be able to give Emma a good life.
She had a full and active life with her foster family.
Well we are doing pretty well I think.
I appreciate her presence in my life so much.

Today we educated peole at the Mpls Clinic of Neurology and at the restaurant about Helping Paws. We had to wait awhile for a ride from the clinic = everytime we go out it seems we find ways to educate others. That is a good thing.

Hope you are having a good week. i need some sleep now - move over Emma...she loves to snuggle close to me and the feeling is mutual.

Have a great day - Mary and Emma

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