Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday was mostly a day of rest for me. Greg was off (shock shock) and Emma had time outside on a beautiful fall day with both him (an extra walk too) and time with me. I did get a haircut that was badly needed and we got some groceries. That was enough for me to be tired out big time. Taking a quick break from the Twins game but still listening. Go Twins.

Tomorrow physical therapy again and that is good but tires me. I think we will have a visit with my friend too after school? Depends on how I feel.

Emma was so good. We didn't time things well and she ate supper two hours late. Sometimes this is hard on her - her stomach seems to have an alarm clock. Yeah she handled it just fine and for that I am pleased. We are practicing with the cane now as I have a different one for my comfort but she does not seem to like to pick it up for me consistently. Life with her means some reinforcement of course and practice. Sometimes , many times, I have it in a position she does not have to pick it up for me. Tonight we did go out to eat though and I wanted her to pick it up. A well meaning patron dashed over to pick it up before I could say the dog can get it. So when others do it for her - she doesn't mind at all. Silly dog? or smart dog?

Emma loves the leaves. In the front they are not racked up so she can still lay in them and enjoy them. Beautiful fall weather this week also.

Take good care. Enjoy fall colors and take care where ever you live.

Mary and Emma

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