Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where did May go??
Can it really be Memorial Day tomorrow?
Will the sun shine much here this summer?
Why haven't I blogged more often?

I hope to get back to blogging. My personal life has been busy and I have had Dr appts and things since camp. Let's hope life is more like normal now - what ever normal is!!

We have clouds again today. Boy do we wish we would get more sunny days. Last Sunday a horrible tornado hit North Mpls including the area where I grew up. We were a tight knit neighborhood where most families were there 20-40 years. My mom a full forty years or more. So sad to see the damage. We had bad storms here too but no damage.

Today we are happily getting ready for a family gathering Monday. I am so blessed as all my children will be there and Rosa. Sophia spends this holiday with her biological father. We will miss her but that is her life now. I want her to be happy. I don't have a lot of energy so I do some prep, relax, and then do more. Greg is doing a lot of the work. He is a great cook. He has perfected his dad['s recipe for brown beans with various types of beans and pork roast. I am working on my mom's famous potato salad though it never comes out quite as good as when she made it.

Emma is enjoying the smells and the activity. The past week we have tried to get outside inbetween the raindrops. Some days have been cloudy but dry. Anyway she has enjoyed this week. We have been home more the past few days. She likes the activities but also her naps. I think when I am more relaxed she is most certainly more relaxed also.

This picture was taken by a MS staff person at camp. I really like that my scooter is in the background. She helps me all the time but as I use a scooter more and more that help is appreciated. I love going for walks outdoors with her with my scooter.

Hope you have a good Memorial Day Weekend. I have a great nephew who is in the army and headed to the middle east soon. I am not sure which country but we pray for his safety. We also remember individuals I knew who died in war. May God Help the military families and the soldiers serving at this time.

More pictures will be coming. Thanks for checking back on the blog. I probably lost some readers when I didn't write for awhile. Be assured I will try to resume writing daily.

Love Mary and Emma

Isn't this a great picture? It was taken at camp. I love Emma's eyes. She is so wonderful. I am a bit weaker so getting her to get my cane more often and a few things. Of course she is rising to the challenge. Don't worry though my MRI for the MS was pretty good all things considered. I am managing though have some days which are better than others.

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