Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

A good day to remember those who have served in the Arm Forces or are serving now. I knew personally individuals who died in Vietnam. I also have a great nephew currently in the Army and a great nephew in law who has served in the Marines. God bless those who serve and their families.

I didn't have a patriotic picture so I just found one I find so cute. It was taken I think about a month ago. Rosa had been over and played nonstop with the toys Emma is hugging. I don't think Rosa placed them there. I think they were on the couch and Emma snuggled in with them the way she wanted. So darn cute.

Our family was here today and we are blessed. It was super fun. Lots of food, conversation, and laughter. Hot and humid here so we were mostly indoors. Also it rained all morning so the playground in our backyard was muddy. We had a great time. We need to head to bed as we are super tired.

Hope you all have a good week. Emma and Mary

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