Friday, May 13, 2011

Hi on late hours Friday.

Not a bit packed for camp. Lots to handle this week. But two evenings at the theater so don't feel too sorry for me. Saw Next to Normal at the Ordway Thurs with a friend. Very serious as it deals with mental illness. A musical that won tonies and makes you think and touches nearly every emotion. I actually enjoyed it more than a community theater I saw tonight with another friend. It was suppose to be like being on a cruise and included a buffet but I would rate it only fair. I was tired. I had said I would go months ago and the other person and I both forgot till today. I am glad to have friends to do things with. So rare rare rare to go to theater so two nights in a row was so strange.

Must head to bed. If I don't have time to write its because of MS Camp. Know we will be having a great time.

Please remember my Aunt Betty, and a friend Charlie who are both facing medical struggles and adjustments. Charlie can't go home yet as after a back surgery he had complications, ended up with pneumonia, weakness, can breathe on his own but not swallow journey is sometimes so darn challenging. Aunt Betty is somewhat better in some ways. My siblings will have to handle things with her while I am at camp.

Have a great weekend and week...Mary

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